Despite being one of the most influential Electronic Music artists in the world, in a recent article of NME Daft Punk admits, “…we don’t listen to a lot of electronic music. We never did.” The comment came from the question of their opinions on EDM’s biggest names such as Deadmau5 and Skrillex. While it’s generally known that Deadmau5 is close to the top tier of producers, even Daft Punk admitted that they don’t listen to him for pleasure.

“Deadmau5? No. I wouldn’t listen to Deadmau5 for pleasure. Skrillex we have a lot of respect for. He’s said that he saw our live show with the pyramid in 2007 and it made him want to make music, but it feels like he’s not copying our formula. He might be the kid that breaks the cycle…”

When asked about other EDM artists or possibly some of the best selling albums in EDM their response was a bit unsurprising:

“I don’t know EDM artists or the albums. At first I thought it was all just one guy, some DJ called EDM.”

The duo went so far as to even compare the current music in EDM as “an energy drink”, citing that, “EDM is energy only. It lacks depth. You can have energy in music and dance to it but still have soul.” It even seems that ‘flavors’ all taste the same when asked about the earlier confusion on EDM, “when asked if that was because it all sounded the same, he replied” “A little bit, yeah!”

Despite having shocking words towards EDM and its producers it shouldn’t come as a surprise. When asked on personal influences and ‘listening music’ many producers of all genres usually site other types of music. There have been times when some producers would relax and listen to rap or in Avicii’s case, Country Music.

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Source: NME