With so much joy and excitement in these past few months leading up to Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories release, it seemed like nothing could get in the way of the French duo and their upcoming monumental album. According to a local news station, 5 Chicago, Romanthony passed away earlier this month (May 7th) for reasons unknown to the public at this time.

UPDATE: According to Spin Magazine, the family of Romanthony has confirmed that he has passed away due to complications of kidney disease.

If you are among those who haven’t ever heard the name Romanthony until now, you have definitely heard his voice. Working with Daft Punk back in 2000 on their Discovery album, Romanthony was the famed vocals behind “One More Time“, and a well respected house DJ at the time. With years more of producing and even starting his own record label, Black Male RecordsRomanthony impacted such a large percent of the growing music industry over the past decade. Countless musicians and friends of Romanthony took to social media to express their condolences and sorrow:




Daft Punk – One More Time