When I think of defining moments in EDM, performances by artists such as Deadmau5 at Lolla 2012 and Avicii‘s country blunder at UMF 2012, are at the forefront of my mind. However, one performance eclipses them all. I’m talking of course about DJ Pauly D‘s wicked freestyle scratching sesh over Aqua‘s Barbie Girl’. The Jersey Shore star demonstrates his mastery of turntablism seamlessly blending a sample of his name in with the euphoric sounds of dignified 90’s techno.

It should be no surprise then that Pauly D made every effort to suppress any video evidence of this prolific performance. After all the truly blessed individuals in attendance should be the only ones to have rightfully witnessed such a sight. Given the choice to see Jesus Christ take on Ghandi and MLK JR. in a match of Tyrannosaur polo or being present for Pauly‘s set, I’m certain I would choose to be front and center for Pauly D. Be sure to check the video below out before DJ Pauly D tries to stifle to spread of his masterpiece.