Some things we can’t make up. Philadelphia Police are currently searching for Henry Pettigrew (apparently no relation to Harry Potter) and an accomplice who opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle after he had a song request denied by the DJ at the Purple Orchid Gentlemen’s Club.

Pettigrew supposedly got into it with the DJ of the Purple Orchid after having his request denied (we can only assume he asked for Levels) and was escorted out by security. Once outside, the duo attacked another customer and then fired shots, hitting the customer as they tried to flee in their car. Not totally satisfied with his half completed rampage, Pettigrew fired a volley of bullets into the club, narrowly missing the DJ, before escaping. Part of this spectacle was captured on CCTV and I’ve embedded it below.


Speaking as a DJ, I understand how insanely infuriating it can be to be stuck listening to a DJ who doesn’t play your style of music or just plain sucks. But c’mon guys, real talk here, if you’re unhappy with the musical service, use words and not bullets?