Nick Cannon recently announced that he will be the latest celebrity-whatever to jump on the EDM bandwagon. Supposedly, the former Wild n’ Out host has been on the DJ grind for the last ’10 years’ and plans to release a House/EDM album entitled ‘White People Party Music‘, which will include at least one collaboration with Afrojack.

Apparently this is no joke, as Cannon has already released a single from the upcoming album titled, Me Sexy. Unfortunately, I only was able to make it through about 10 seconds of random clicking through the song before I had to call it quits. I won’t even try to review it, because to be honest they don’t pay me enough to do that sort of dirty work.

There are some people in the scene who have taken such news as Paris Hilton releasing a House album produced by Afrojack and the reports that DJ Pauly D is the highest paid DJ in EDM as signs of a coming ‘EDM Apocalypse’. These people will eat this news up and will let it fuel their fires of despair. However, this Nick Cannon news to me, is mild at best and if you have any brains at all, you’ll do what I did… Close the song, wipe it from your memory, and carry on. I’m a white person and I love party music, but that won’t make me shove that garbage into my earholes. If you’re curious though, you can listen to Me Sexy below.