In a recent interview with BeatportFelix Da Housecat voiced his opinion on artists who produce music for the wrong reasons. When asked about artists becoming genre locked and the lack of creativity in the industry, He stated:

Look at Daft Punk. When they go into the studio they’re not thinking, “I’m going to make a song and it’s going to go to #1.” They just go in to make music they like making. Now with EDM, you have people plotting, trying to sit down with the five best writers and five of the best engineers. They’re saying, “We’re going to chart this one, we’re going to make money on it, we’ll go to Vegas, we’ll make sure everybody wears their suits and see how many bottles they’ll buy, and we’re going to put the DJ up there.” And he’s just going to be a jukebox. And in every club, they’ll play the same music. It’s like propaganda. It’s a nightmare.

He makes a valid point. Instead of expanding the bounds of musical creativity, some artists are simply using a generic template that they have seen work in the past. Although most artists are not like this, the ones that are, especially the famous ones, need to break free of their box and expand their creative horizon in order to move the industry forward.

You can read the full interview with Felix Da Housecat (HERE)