Legendary electronic musician, London Elektricity, went after the new Destroid live show Monday. He said the show “perfectly encapsulates how utterly and completely shit ‘EDM’ is” and explaining that it made him “very angry.” Check out the tweets, including Excision and JK Sawka’s responses below:


UPDATE: London Elektricity has posted an apology on his blog:

i’ve leaned a lot through posting this link.

1) my former friend KJ Sawka was part of the band, and i didn’t check that out, so i was slating my friend’s band. my fault, and i feel mortified at having done so.

2) even if i didn’t know him, I should have respected the amount of work that clearly went into the show, even if it was not to my taste.

3) I don’t know the other band members, and i therefore dissed their work too

4) I should have thought before I tweeted. Just because I don’t like something, or have a pet hate about the apparent economic expansion and invasion of what is known as EDM in the USA, I should keep that to myself.

5) I’ve enjoyed building up by online fanbase and reacting with them, and for the most part they are used to by outspoken nature on almost everything, but i clearly upset a lot of people. The one i’m most upset about is K J Sawka who i have always bigged up and admired as one of the bets drummers in the world. Kevin, I’m sorry .

Over the past week i’ve had a lot of hate from brostep hatejocks – i don’t mind that, but one or two say they used to be my fans but are not any more, and whilst i know that’s a tried and tested way to hurt someone online, the thought that i’ve lost any real fans is sad – i fucked up and tweeted something i should have known better about.

Read more from his post HERE.