Uplifting Trance producer Ronny K is a man who commands a great respect among his peers, and is a leading authority behind some of the greatest Trance music ever created, both past and present. His incredibly vast knowledge of Trance and his leading mastery upon musical mastering and production all contribute towards his stellar career. And yet, he is a well known secret among select Trance groups, who’s sound can only be truly discovered by researching and developing a working knowledge of the high quality craft of Uplifting Trance. Beginning in 1995, Ronny K had begun his production career, delving into a multitude of styles before finally honing in his craft of Trance and Uplifting Trance. Being the first Czech producer to ever be featured in Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show, his successful production career has been filled with many highlights as well as high end support from influential DJ’s such as Jorn van Deynhoven, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Manuel Le Saux. The reasoning behind this is the true overview of raw emotion that he accurately purveys into each of his productions.

Ronny K is a part of an elite faction of DJ’s and artists who pursue the magic in musical melodies and orchestrations, opting to create purely emotional music to showcase the true, possible ranges of Pure Trance. Featuring instruments such as sweeping strings, dreamy pads and heavenly guitars, his productions have motivated and united a true core of fans who seek the advanced artistry of music. Seeking to expand his sounds even further, he has created an alias by the name of Advanced. The Advanced alias still keeps the core philosophies and methods of Ronny K, while injecting some power and peak time energy towards his productions. The combination between the delicacy of Pure Trance with the added intensity and fire of more expansive sounds invents a formula that creates some of the most gorgeous works of art ever seen in Trance. With the full might of this remarkable sound, Ronny K set forth to produce an astounding single entitled Aurora. Teeming with highly passionate melodies, full rounded drive and extraordinary moments to take the breath away, it is an outstanding piece of Uplifting Trance literature that breaks all emotional barriers within any listener.




Aurora begins with a lively bassline and exceptional drive, coupled together with atmospheric synths and impeccable instrumental mapping. Already from the get go, Ronny has set up an intricate machine of different musical machines that connect to form an insatiable motif that expands into the formation of the track’s opening statement. The additions of an assertive, buzzy bass synth and a celestial guitar add depth and volume throughout the piece, not only giving nice, subtle touches, but also succeeds in connecting every individual part together. The breakdown only brings forth the melody in hushed tones as the energy amplifies the phrase more and more. As the beat pulls back in and the melody realizes its full potential, the bassline rises while the melodic phrase becomes stuck on an ostinato with increasing intensity and drive. The resulting drop brings forth a magnificent sixteenth note melodic line with each moving note hitting on one, demonstrating immense strength and harmonious fortitude within each beat. As Aurora‘s chord changes continue, the true emotional spectrum of Trance is explored as the piece (and the listener) soars towards the stratosphere into space and beyond.

Ronny K‘s Advanced single, Aurora, is out now on Defcon Recordings, so head over there and purchase this marvelous, transcendent work of art today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/aurora-guitar-mix/1544748





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