Released in 2010, a perfect collaboration between Trance producer Schodt and celebrated Uplifter Sundriver resulted in a smashing single entitled Here With Me. The Original mix was a beautiful representation on what could really be accomplished in the Progressive Trance genre and the well organized orchestration really accentuated the divine vocals of Aida Fenhel. And now, Progressive Trance producer Terry Da Libra takes the reins and creates a superb Trance mix to modernize it into to 2013. Terry Da Libra has not been known to base his releases on the concept of quantity, but rather quality. That being said, he has been fairly active as of late, releasing a game changing double EP entitled Don’t Give Up/Always Hope on Enhanced Progressive that broke many expectations and set a high bar of excellence towards any future release. Terry takes his unique blend of breathy synths, airy pads and immaculate orchestration and pushes Here With Me to new heights, further raising the bar and further pushing the limits on what his innovative limits as a musician are.


Terry starts things off nice and lazy, featuring a chunky bassline, punchy percussion and fat basskicks for good measure. In addition to the cheekiness of the main melody and instrumentation, he introduces flowing strings, reverbed vocal timbres, and gorgeous Progressive ostinatos that softens the identity of the track. The brilliant juxtaposition between the energetic, lively low ends with the heavenly, serine high ends creates an amazing contrast of sound colors to dance upon a whirling blend of aesthetic philosophies. However, Terry leaves enough space for the vocals to shine through and really does a fantastic job in relaying all of his energies on keeping the vocals as the most important aspect of the tune. The breakdown features a breathtaking piano line among synths suspended through time, additionally accentuating the vocals a step further. With the offset of a great, energy peaking buildup, the drop brings forth the best of Terry‘s abilities, as he releases a stunning euphoric melody to bring the entire piece full circle. With the incredible amount of instruments playing at any one time and clear evidence of many hours of hard work in the studio, Da Libra once again proves his powerful worth in the Progressive Trance scene.

Terry Da Libra‘s stunning remix to Scodt & Sundiver‘s single, Here With Me, is out now on Silk Royal Recordings on Beatport, so head on over to pick up this remarkable Trance track today.


Keep the music alive. -Q