He may be young, but Martin Garrix is certainly not the new kid on the block. With a number of collaborations in recent history, this time around he is releasing “Animals,” a solo effort on his part. This one is clearly influenced by the hot trend of 2013 of making drops with few percussive elements. While this style is becoming very overplayed and quickly watered down, “Animals” is a smart effort by Martin Garrix. The build-up has some serious club floor appeal, and the ticking clock was a nice touch, reminiscent of “Game Over” by Heatbeat. The drop is certainly wild with its high-pitched lead being the main focus, that part can not be argued, but how much is enough of this trend? Nevertheless, the additional sounds following the initial eight bars of the drop are great and fit seamlessly into the mix. Despite the fact that these “minimal” drops are becoming increasingly and overwhelmingly commonplace, Martin Garrix has crafted “Animals” into a festival anthem we will hear all summer long.