Love him or hate him, David Guetta knows how to make the big bucks. He’s back, collaborating with Glowinthedark as well as featuring the edgy vocals of Harrison to provide an explosive electro banger, “Ain’t a Party”. Its riveting buildup and spine-tingling drops keep you on the edge of your seat as Harrison screams the energy into your veins. It breaks down into a Chili-Peppers-esque interlude that maintains that top 40 vibe Guetta has pioneered for so long. However, it’s not long until it crashes into a heavy finale, bolstering with high voltage snares as the bass thunders throughout your body. “Ain’t a Party” is definitely one of Guetta’s better tracks and worth a listen, so head on over to Beatport to grab yourself a copy today!

David Guetta & Glowinthedark ft. Harrison – “Ain’t A Party” (Original Mix)