Similar to the robots in Tony Starks super lab, Deadmau5 is employing a new breed of onstage performers. Mau5bot numbers 2035A and 1610A made there debut performance last night during Deadmau5’s residency show at Hakkasan in Las Vegas. The social media buzz indicated the bots were a huge success and much appreciated by fans and artists alike. Tommy Lee had some great footage that you can catch below.

The two bots are absolutely massive, standing up right at 12 feet tall and weighing in at 2000 pounds. On Deadmau5’s twitter feed he even describes Mau5bot 1610A as being the more shy of the two bots. It really isn’t that surprising the two Mau5bots already have identified personality types. It is DeadMau5 after all. These bots may be a good indicator of what is to come in the realm of onstage performance, as he does hint at “the future”. Although, at 2000 pounds, it could be awhile before every artist is lugging them from venue to venue. Maybe just a club thing for now.

The Progression





You really get the idea of how big they are in these two videos posted by Tommy Lee