It’s been a truly wild 2013 for Avicii so far, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to calm down anytime soon. His upcoming album, True, has been the talk of endless chatter recently and is definitely going to remain in the spotlight for some time. As with any EDM superstar, Avicii is still cranking out music alongside his upcoming album. In an eyebrow-raising move (half of his moves these days), Avicii collaborated with fellow Swedes and Rock n’ Roll Hall of FamersABBA, for the Eurovision Soundtrack of 2013. If you haven’t heard of the Eurovision Song Contest before, it’s a 50+ year-old competition between many different European countries where each individual country submits a track to be entered.

As for the actual track, it definitely left me with mixed emotions. I’ll try my best not to hate on it too much, even if at some points it sounds like a piece my high school band would perform.  I just can’t imagine too many Avicii fans were looking forward to hearing ABBA on the track, as many ABBA fans probably felt as well after hearing Avicii was coming on board. Here and there, Avicii’s signature style and beautiful sound took over “We Write The Story”, even though the track ended up being dominated by the lush, chorus-filled ABBA vocals. Be the judge of the Eurovision Soundtrack of 2013 yourselves, all you have to do is head to iTunes or check it out below!