It’s not everyday that Zedd asks you to star on his lead single from an album that continues to dominate dance charts. Or how about getting approached by the great Fedde le Grand and Nicky Romero to write and co-produce a anthem that rocked every festival of 2012. Yes, Matthew Koma is living the dream, but you would never tell behind that suave, punk rock look and composed personality. His incomparable talent has set the bar for all singer/songwriters in dance music as he has achieved nothing short of greatness within the Electronic Dance Music scene.

Musicianship beat through his veins at an early age when he first began strumming guitars and banging drums. It was the 80’s; with huge acts such as Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen inspiring his growth. He describes it as, “It was just natural, as if I was born into it. I had a musical family, so I got a guitar and eventually started bands”. It wasn’t long before Interscope Records discovered him and had him writing for a variety of artists, including now-girlfriend, Carly Rae Jepsen.

Then, in the start of last year he released his own 4-song EP entitled Parachute that gained attention from artists all over the country. That raw, edgy voice commanded each song, taking pop music in a direction you could never imagine.

Suddenly, one day, there was a new, unread message in his inbox from Zedd’s management asking for his participation on a new song. “I had never been a part of the EDM movement prior and this was a great opportunity to reach out to a completely new audience.” They began fleshing out ideas and soon the name “Spectrum” came about and the rest is history. Together they created a masterpiece, gleaming with ingenuity.

Koma’s innovative hooks and edgy verses soon caught the ear of Fedde le Grand and Nicky Romero, as they immediately grabbed him to write the massive hit “Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind)”. Not only was of the top anthems of 2012, but another massive hit for Koma in the EDM scene. You would think this groundbreaking success might affect the musicianship and creativity of Koma, but it was quite the opposite: “Nothing changed the way I approached each song. I saw a lot of value in understanding how these DJ’s would connect with their audience and strong relationship with their fan base. I got the chance to reach out to these people and deliver my own message.

This humbling attitude is what has kept Matthew Koma on a path destined for greatness. This relentless determination landed him another #1 spot on iTunes and Beatport, featured on Alesso’s “Years”. If the original wasn’t good enough for you, Koma issued an exclusive, acoustic version that will leave you breathless. No one has enjoyed quite the success Koma saw in 2012 and as for this year, all he was willing to say is “wait”. Be on the lookout for him as the year progresses and show your support for his work!