Germain producers Nalin & Kane need no introduction, as they are truly one of the oldest and most iconic Trance duos that have ever surfaced during the entire tenure of Electronic Music. Though their discography is not as numerous as many other artists, their simple, Balearic touch towards all of their productions have remained both legendary and relevant, even in today’s times. These two are most known for their breakout hit, Beachball, which has remained as one of the all time greatest tracks coming out of the 90’s Electronic Scene. It became an international success overnight when it was released and it was widely regarded as being one of the most quintessential Ibiza anthems ever created. This track has spawned many remixes from such notable artists as Gabriel & Dresden, Joris Voorn and Chris Lake over the years. In 2008, Progressive champion EDX created an ‘Indian Summer’ mix towards Beachball and the wonderful combination between the classic feel of Nalin & Kane and the dominating Progressive sound of EDX meshed together for an amazing, sunny day cut. EDX has been widely known as someone who produces the perfect summer tracks with his laidback, oceanview vibes and his stellar interpretation brings forth the beautiful summer of 2013.



EDX starts out tribal, with banging bongos and a sturdy percussion section, which provides the perfect backdrop for flowing strings and his iconic, offbeat Progressive plugin that delivers every time. The drop however, is not the beachfront melodies that EDX is known for, as he keeps things nice and mellow with a deep bassline, accompanying rhythmic notes, playful warped synths and keeping the emphasis on his great percussion section. Things turn techy as a Progressive House line provides more rhythmical support along with a subtle tambourine in the background. The breakdown brings the classic sweeping pads and strings of the Original as his angelic Progressive plugin enters along with the original soulful vocals of ‘People get ready‘ being projected loud and clear. The result is a smooth, yet energetic section, with the upbeat synths giving that slight flavor of India into the mix. EDX‘s greatest strength comes from his masterful layering ability, as he takes a musical idea and adds more and more to both the orchestration and the overall atmosphere to the piece. From the addition of subtle strings, minor accompanying rhythmic lines and simple percussion additions, his visionary works truly envelops the entire essence of summer within a track and is an undeniable master at the music he creates.

After more than 5 years of waiting, EDX‘s Indian Summer Remix of Nalin & Kanes unshakable anthem, Beachball, is now available for free download! Make sure you head down to the link below for the free track.




Bonus: Make sure you check out the 1998 original, it is a piece that has truly defined the Ibiza scene and the scene of Electronic music as a whole!



Keep the music alive. -Q