After almost two and a half years spent crafting their forthcoming project, Drumsound & Bassline Smith are finally at the tipping point – just moments from achieving widespread commercial acclaim, the English drum and bass trio have finally unveiled their album, Wall Of Sound.

With the release of their latest hit, “One In A Million” ft. Fleur which was very well received and championed by artists such as Annie MacSkream & Benga, and Zane Lowe, Wall of Sound is a representation of the culmination of Drumsound & Bassline Smith‘s evolving sound. Although this LP falls under the classification of drum and bass based purely off of BPM, the album is composed of a collection of tracks that readily combine half-step beats with aspects of nearly all genres of music. From spine tingling jolts of dubstep to electrified synths and pads to undertones of pop and rock – Wall Of Sound is exactly as the title suggests.

Stream a few previews of the release below and make sure to purchase your own copy here!


Full Album Tracklist

1 Atmosphere (feat. Sam Frank)
2 Through The Night (feat. Tom Cane)
3 Epic (feat. Chezree)
4 Close
5 All Day (feat. Bam)
6 Freak (VIP Mix)
7 Tough Times (feat. Tom Cane)
8 Daylight (feat. Hadouken!)
9 What Can You Do For Me (Utah Saints vs. Drumsound & Bassline Smith)
10 Pull It Up Selector
11 One In A Million (feat. Fleur)
12 The Only Way (feat. Ayah Marar)
13 U Ain’t Ready For Me (feat. Youngman)
14 Back To Life (feat. Tom Cane)
15 Solitude
16 Revolution (feat. DRS)
17 The Weekend (feat. Phreeda Sharp)
18 Wall Of Sound