Thats right! The marathon evenings with Armin van Buuren will be coming back to the USA in 2014. At Ultra Europe he told inthemix “Definitely in 2014. It depends on venues, it depends on availability, it’ll depend on the promoters.”

Armin Only, is an event which is, well, just Armin van Buuren doing his thing for around 9 hours. Although this time it might be different. He told inthemix:

I don’t know if I want to do nine hours with ‘Armin Only’ anymore. I usually find out that by five a.m., 80% of the crowd has left anyway, and the rest still there are a bit vague. I’d rather do a good show and have a lot of energy, and build a proper set from the ground up starting with progressive and building into trance, with a few classics at the end to finish with a bang. And then people leave feeling like they want more…but I’ll still play a six or seven-hour set.

via: InTheMix