Since David Guetta received the #1 position in DJ Mag’s Top 100 two years ago, increased criticism continues to plague the Parisian superstar. Most recently a suspect website described a debacle involving Guetta at a club performance in Paris, leading to speculation that he played a pre-recorded set. The website’s integrity is suspect at best, and most people who read the article recognize the fabricated portions.

Unfortunately for Guetta, this is not the only accusation hinting at his credibility behind the decks. Last year a Mixmag article drew attention to the debate. And a few videos circulating the world wide web leave little doubt in the minds of those who understand the art of mixing. This isn’t to say Guetta never mixes live, but many believe that he does, for the lack of a better term, fake it from time to time.

This morning Mr. Guetta took to twitter, defending his honor, encouraging critics to refrain from destructive commentary. With no intense emotion, Guetta’s twitter activity brings little information, other than that he is aware of the surrounding negativity. Was this really the best way to acknowledge the upset? A few intricate live videos and subsequent free mixes might have released public tension a little better than three tweets.