The Hasbro Toy company recently released a line of products geared towards the rising interest in dance music. The Twister Rave series features MP3 capability, “You can bop out to your favorite tunes”. An adaptation to the longtime favorite ‘Skip It’ features, “4 colors and more than 20 light patterns, you can light it up to level up with TWISTER Rave SKIP-IT!” Okay, I have to stop reading these descriptions.

Every year, “raves”, are depicted by the media as shady, unsafe, drug stricken, underground parties. No rules or age limits, they are the epitome of everything that mom and dad don’t want their children involved in. We’ve reported various atrocities in news fallacies, and provided multiple reports on drug usage, in hopes of keeping us all safe, and equally important, happy. It’s easy for us to recognize that the mainstream media is almost never correct when describing raves, but still, with such surrounding negativity, why would Hasbro release such a toy, geared towards six year olds?

Either, the executives aren’t the group of pedophiliac toy pushers I imagine and actually love the rave culture; or they are capitalizing on the mass increase in popularity of dance music. I’m inclined to choose the latter. On June 22nd Hasbro released earnings figures for the second quarter. In 2012 the company made 811.5 million dollars, and this year they made 766.3 million dollars. An indication that reaching a new and emerging demographic financially is behind the Twister Rave series.