Recently Ellie Goulding did a one-off show at Surrender Las Vegas, performing with CDJs instead of the usual mic in hand. Feelings are mixed on the show, some bothered and some in support, of her performing at one of the world’s elite clubs. The video below surfaced of Ellie playing her and Calvin Harris‘s song “I Need Your Love“, which many see as convoluted since she could just sing it herself. While this is true, the event was billed as a DJ set, and more folks likely would have been upset had she come out and sung. The problem is, Ellie Goulding crosses over from the pop realms, so no matter which way she goes about it, she is going to be dissed by somebody. If anything, her playing the track on CDJs was the more proper of the two choices. The purists would have been frustrated that she was singing when she should have been behind the decks working her mix. Admittedly in the video she is is not doing any mixing per se, but the clip is a mere thirty seconds and perhaps to be considered de minimis in the grand scheme of things. Regardless of opinions of Ellie Goulding‘s DJ Set at Surrender, we can all agree it is still leaps and bounds more okay than Paris Hilton.