There is a fine line between being witty and cheeky, and downright impudent. Recently, iHeartRadio hosted a number of acts at Lollapalooza at their interview booth, with the likes of Alex Clare, Matt & Kim and Vampire Weekend to name a few. There was one interview though that has caused a stir on the Internet though, and it was not for anything good. Major Lazer sat down with Kennedy, the interviewer from iHeartRadio, and things just go from bad to worse as the minutes painfully pass along.

To start things off, Kennedy thinks it is okay to mock Jillionaire and Walshy Fire as “the other two people who make up Major Lazer“. As expected, this is the first strike in making things in the iHeartRadio lounge uncomfortable. While the comment gets played off and all looks fine, looks can be- and were- deceiving. Not much longer after, Jillionaire makes the remark that “there’s a dead body in my room, I’m going to jail tomorrow”, clearly, this interview was over the moment it started.

This is just the icing on the cake though, Kennedy later mocks Diplo being payed four hundred thousand dollars to play for “the prince of who-gives-a-shit”. At 5:13 Diplo calls it likes he sees it and tells Kennedy that she’s probably the most annoying person he’s worked with in the past two years. One can not help but feel bad for Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, Kennedy just talks to Diplo the entire time, and they seemed especially bored. This was supposed to be a special opportunity to get in the creative heads of Major Lazer as a whole, not just small talk Diplo.

If watching Major Lazer being tortured on video was not entertaining enough, the YouTube comments are twice as good. One person even wrote a poem to explain their dissatisfaction, it is THAT bad.

Writer’s note: A resounding majority of dance music websites that chronicle the life and times of the world’s favorite electronic acts are run by young twenty somethings. Some journalists are even younger. I would like to extend a pat on the back to all the other writers out there who have ever interviewed someone, big or small, congratulations on doing a better job than a “professional” who was paid to do this.