Today, Vibe released an interview with “Dance Music’s Arty.” Glad they made that specification, wouldn’t want anyone mistaking the feature article with a restaurant in San Francisco. The interview is not written for those consistently following dance music and doesn’t provide much insight to Arty in general, but there are a few notable points:

On his collaboration with Armin Van Buuren:

     “The track we did, “Nehalennia,” was a very proud moment for me. I felt some serious pressure on that one though. Armin said he wanted the track the next morning just before I was playing in London… so I quickly got my laptop out and added the finishing touches before heading on to Ministry. Thank the lord he liked it!”

In discussion about potential collaborations, Arty mentions a personal friend:

     “Maybe Porter Robinson at the moment…he is an amazing producer and a good friend. He’s ahead of the game in my opinion; just sit tight and you’ll see what he’s going to bring to the dance world.”

Arty‘s most strategically executed remark was also his shortest and wittiest one. When Vibe asked him whether the turmoil with Will.I.Am had been resolved and Arty, smart not to waste his words, responded:

“Haha! I don’t know about that…but it’s in the past now. If he’s a fan…I hope he enjoys my new single. But only for him to listen to.”

His response was smart for a prominent artist and evoked a sense of pointlessness in talking about Will.I.Am. Of course the turmoil I’m referring to is when Will.I.Am used Arty and Mat Zo‘s productions without the proper clearances, permissions, heads up, or any indication for that matter. A testament to the character of Arty. You can read the full article on Vibe, but our unbiased interview from early July provides much better insight into Artyom Stolyarov‘s storied career.

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