It is clearly evident that Las Vegas has found its way into the highest echelon of dance music. Containing some of the most talked about venues in the world like Hakkasan, XS and The Light Nightclub, this desert city has evolved these past few years. In a new blog post, Kaskade discusses this beloved city and how it has changed for the better, correlating with the dance music explosion in America.
Historically, Las Vegas has been no hot bed for electronic music. In certain places, the famous cities for dance like Detroit, Chicago and New York City were growing their own underground niche. This music did not develop and mature in the Southwest. Vegas was busy being trapped in the bright lights and over-the-top gaudiness that easily comes to mind as second nature when thinking of this Nevada locale. All that has changed now, and Kaskade has witnessed it with his very own eyes…

“It’s not lost on me that as recently as six or seven years ago, I wouldn’t even stop in Las Vegas on tours. It wasn’t the scene I was looking for. It was full of Rat-Pack ghosts and Tiger shows…But things are different now, and you should tell a friend.”

Jump ahead to our current times, and it is affirmative across the board that Las Vegas is the go-to for dance music. That does not mean that Ibiza is put to shame, certainly, the White Isle is right there with it. It just so happens that in Las Vegas though, the lights and sounds (sounds which, Kaskade describes as “Music sounds better in Vegas. It just does.“) have become the apple of our eye. Now that this genre of music is everywhere in America, it needed to find its hub, much like how Europe has Ibiza. Where else better to put it than Vegas, the ideals of both dance music and the city coincide for excellent rapport.
Kaskade also included a one hour mix of him at Marquee, dropping deep house and more subdued boogie music like King of My Castle (Crazibiza Remix)“. The mix was not just for the sake of being nice either, he wanted to give proof that deeper house does exist in Las Vegas.


01.    Two Door Cinema Club – Handshake (Amtrac Mix)
02.    Francesco Rossi – Paper Aeroplane
03.    Mark Knight – Your Love
04.    Nikola Gala – Broken Chords
05.    Strictly Ibiza – Wamdue King of My Castle (Crazibiza Mix)
06.    Purple Disco Machine – My House
07.    Le Youth – Cool (Ben Pearce Mix)
08.    Magic Eye – Inside My Love (Mike Mago Mix)
09.    Justin Martin – The Sad Piano (Charles Webster Mix)
10.    Josh Butler – Got A Feeling (Bontan Remix, Pleasurekraft Edit)
11.    Caseno – Sebastian (Kolombo Mix)
12.    Hot Since 82 – Mr. Drive
13.    Andre Sobota – Voyager
14.    Kaskade vs. Pryda – Sometimes Powerdrive (Kaskade Mash Up)

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