In a recent interview with The Sun, ex-Swedish House Mafia member Axwell joined the likes of Wolfgang Gartner, Diplo, and many other producers with his latest comments regarding the electronic music scene. While speaking his mind on the generic, overused sound of EDM in this day and age, he said:

“People consume [music] like McDonald’s a little bit, like download a song and throw it away the next day. That’s a bit like how music has become so we have to fight against it.”

“I think the main problem with how the music is sounding cheap sometimes, is that it is cheap. People are downloading it for free. People don’t have time or the funds to go into a real studio for 12 months and produce and record instruments and everything. People don’t have the financials to do that, so instead they are just sitting there with their laptops in their bedrooms and just saying, ‘this is good enough, this is good enough, let’s get it out there.’”

It may be pushing it comparing an EDM track to an item on the dollar menu, but Axwell certainly has a point in what he’s getting at. I’ve been hearing the same concerns about the state of EDM for months now, and even remember back when it was all just a few unsatisfied fans complaining about the Beatport Top 10 sounding too similar. Nowadays, no matter where you turn there’s a track mocking the generic electro house sound or a big name producer speaking about the demise of the electronic music scene. Nobody knows the fate of electronic dance music for certain, but whether it ends up taking over the world or turning into something comparable to McDonalds, it will be changing right before our eyes every waking day.

Source: The Sun