NOTE: Never thought we’d have to mention this but ‘Ban EDM Now’ is obviously a parody page. We even mention it in the article but some of you are just too lazy to actually read it. So there, now you know.

As with everything in life, you must reap what you sow. After the unimaginable happened and it’s subsequent bad press, it is now time to pull the plug on EDM. A Facebook page is demanding the end of EDM and it is reflecting the angry sentiments felt by many towards the state of the scene. Each ‘like’ means it gathering momentum. Each ‘like’ means it’s increasing its influence, both of which has been used for putting pressure on Congress.

No-one is safe from scrutiny, with Skrillex himself accused of evil wrongdoings:

However, it is hard to take a Facebook page seriously when it constantly cites Jessica Beedle from M.A.M (Mothers Against Molly).

Yes reader, one look at this Facebook page and you should tell that it’s nothing more than edgy satire . But yet it’s quite brilliant. The profile pic, the outrageous quotes, the evidence of what EDM did to Miley Cyrus… After the bad press the scene has received recently it’s refreshing to read some absolutely ridiculous articles that poke fun on the seriousness of it all.

For example:

“NO WILL O.D.” Wow.

In the meantime, you should really check out the page and just look at how some people are getting themselves all worked up. You should also help with their petition to Congress (Only 99,998 signatures to go!) Satire or not… It’s pretty damn funny.

Original Facebook Page