In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, veteran DJ/producer Ryan Raddon, AKA Kaskade, spoke his mind freely and passionately when asked about his opinions regarding the corporate influence upon EDM and more. Coming from a man who has been around the EDM scene for quite some time now (Atmosphere being his 8th studio album release), his remarks stood out to me more than just any random producers would have. When asked about his feelings on the rapid growth of EDM and the increasing corporate control of the scene, Kaskade responded:

“I don’t think anyone has a problem with growth. What is nerve-wracking is to ensure that the growth happens naturally. Because when the corporate influence gets involved it can get… tricky. My first concern is that it stays real — that it’s not manufactured, that people don’t overhype something to turn a profit.  We’re just starting to see the first round of how popularity is making things seem manufactured. There’s a couple of guys who have just gotten signed by major labels, and the last bunch of radio hits have just been… [laughs] just obvious, too obvious musically. There are people in the scene who don’t care if they’re slinging fried chicken or EDM — it doesn’t matter to them. I hope the cream rises to the top and the good music and art that’s been here and deserves attention will get it.”

Kaskade wouldn’t be the first person to put EDM and fried chicken in a sentence together, following the controversial Axwell interview where the former Swedish House Mafia member compared EDM to Mcdonalds just last week. Are the warnings that Kaskade speaks of something that we should worry about immediately? Who knows what the future will hold for the electronic music scene, but hopefully it wont lead to EDM being strictly in the hands of corporations rather than all the deserving artists and fans.