Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, Colorado is one of the most iconic music venues in the USA. The carved out venue has hosted some of music’s biggest acts and with electronic music artists beginning to frequent it, concerns about noise are beginning to grow. On September 3, during a town board meeting with two representatives from Red Rocks Amphitheater, residents of Morrison voiced their complaints about electronic music events at the venue. “They claim windows rattle, buildings shake and the earth hums whenever an electronic dance music concert is held”, the residents professed according to The Denver Post.

Kent Rice, the director of facilities for Red Rocks, spoke on the issue saying they can find a solution:

It is a particular kind of music that has become more popular in the last five years. which is why complaints have gotten more frequent…It’s a particular problem and fairly narrow. I think there is a way to solve it, but I am not sure what it is.