Remember “Dear New York“? It is hard to believe that the Beatport topping track is now over a year old already. Taking a step forward to present day, Firebeatz and Schella have teamed up once more for “Wicked“, considered to be the “spiritual successor” to the Beastie Boys sampling electro hit. The comparison must be because of the LFO use in this track, because the drops in each song are polar opposites in electro. “Wicked” is a big, pounding electro house track, not necessarily the most out-of-the-box work from Firebeatz. This being said, the real allure to “Wicked” is during the build up, going back to its original sample and breaking out the hip hop breakbeats. This section is really fun, and will surely break up the monotony on the dancefloor. “Wicked” is now available here on Beatport.