You may remember Alesia from their viral trap hit Bird Machine with DJ Snake. Well, the French duo aren’t done making waves in the electronic music scene quite yet. Along with making their United States debut at Electric Zoo Alesia announced they would be signing to Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. Packed with potential, the duo are prepared to begin taking over electronic music. I had the chance to sit down with them after their first-ever performance in the USA.

This is awesome. It is our first time in the USA and New York City. To see that the American people like our music is really cool. In France it is catching on pretty well; we have residencies in Paris and are booked for most of the year.

I was curious to hear what it meant for them to be singed onto OWSLA, a label headed by a man that truly broke music barriers in the United States.

Skrillex opened the door for a more underground sound in the USA. Before him you had to be kind of pop to be a success in the American market. But now you can do whatever you want and there is a place for you in America. We just signed with OWSLA so of course you can anticipate collaborations, especially with our French friends.

A track that really broke them into the electronic music scene in the United States was Bird Machine, which is now featured in a Target commercial. What do they think about Bird Machine being used to sell ravioli and pudding?

Awesome to sell ravioli and pudding with birds. Its a “what the fuck” sound so it is good for a “what the fuck” commercial.

With electronic music exploding across the world I was curious to hear what the duo, on the verge of explosion, thought about the future.

I think that there is going to be a divide, a separation. One side is really going to be more for the mainstream, accessible to all people. Then you are going to have another side that goes back to the basics, returns to electronic music’s roots.

This may be Alesia’s first time in the USA but it most definitely will not be their last. It is a new and exciting frontier for them and along with playing the OWSLA stage at Tomorrowworld the duo will be back for a tour this fall.

It is really cool for us to be here in the USA and to get our music out here. We really want to show our world of music to the American public. Be looking for our first EP on OWSLA. We are also likely touring the USA in the fall with the OWSLA family.

Alesia have a sound that is truly awesome. They aren’t afraid to explore electronic music’s fringes and refuse to be confined by a genre. Boasting boatloads of talent and with OWSLA providing the platform Alesia is sure to catapult into electronic music’s forefront. Need proof? Check out their explosive USA debut below.

Check out this video summarizing the duo’s experiences playing Electric Zoo: