Tritonal, the talented duo out of Texas, have been winning over the hearts and minds of crowds for a few years now. With a loyal fan base proud to call themselves Tritonians, the duo are in the midst of a huge tour across the USA. Now they are readying to release their new EP, Metamorphic II. The first single off the EP, “Follow Me Home”, will be released on Monday. We asked Tritonal a few questions about their tour, label and new sound. Also, check out their HUGE exclusive mix for Your EDM below.

You’ve been touring since July and aren’t done quite yet. How has the Metamorphic tour been treating you guys?

Holy moly, it’s been the tour of our lives so far!! Sell out shows in city after city and the fans are absolutely ecstatic about the new tracks!

Deciding to run Enhanced was a pretty big undertaking. How has the label been going and how do you manage to have any free time?

Haha! Well we have a kick ass team, and as you know Dave & I are not shy about working hard. Will Holland is still full time, and we have a team of awesome people who help organize our lives on a day to day basis. We plan on building the brand awareness of Enhanced Music by putting out great records, and our release schedule is jammed.

The year is starting to wind down. Do you have any big plans for New Years and beyond into 2014?

We DO! We are confirmed for an absolutely MASSIVE show for NYE, but I’ve just been told if I give that information away right now I’ll be in trouble!  Haha! Other than that, we are finishing the year in Australia for the STEREOSONIC FESTIVAL TOUR. It’s the “EDC” of Australia and will be our first time to play!

One of my friends loves your music, he always asks me why your name is Tritonal and I can never give him an answer. I guess there is no time like the present to find out.

Ahh, right! A “Tritone” is a musical interval, or a chord. The word “Tritonal”, actually means an explosive bomb! Musical explosivity is the idea!

You continue to adapt and change your sound, what’s next?

Well, it keeps it fun for us in the studio! We have two tracks that we feel are hands down our biggest records yet! We’re always trying to keep things fresh in the studio as it keeps our passion for music at a peak.