In a recent interview with a writer for the New Yorker, Will.I.Steal- ahem – I mean,, shared his thoughts on the Vegas Scene and EDM in general.
With hurtful comments such as “They shouldn’t even call it dance music,” and  “They should call it look-at-the-DJ-and-get-drunk music” seems keen on giving his input on the EDM scene and its implications. After the whole  Arty & Mat Zo thing, you would think has learned to kindly keep his hand out of the EDM cookie jar, but in a scene where everyone seems to be wanting a cookie, is it so odd that Will is attempting to do the same?

Regardless, most of his complaints seem to poke at the differences of EDM and your typical pop music,

“What makes a hit in pop music is how many times a song gets played on the radio. A hit in DJ land is how much alcohol is bought.”

While he seems to be attempting to de-glorify the “DJ life”, let’s not forget that “making a hit in pop music” isn’t necessarily the most honest and easiest thing to do. At least with EDM, if your music sucks, you aren’t going to get any real fans. also attempts to “Condemn cake eating, but eating it too” by saying he DJ’s to test out the newest tracks and that he’s not about “the DJ life”. You can hear more of his complaints in the video below.

via InTheMix