NOTE: Daniel Tosh is a comedian, it is his job to make fun of stereotypes whether they are negative or positive.

Now I’m sure most of you remember the infamous DJ KiddLuke from the Youtube video that went viral: Worst DJ Ever!!!

Well yesterday comedian Daniel Tosh brought the 17 year old DJ on to his show Tosh.0 for a shot at his signature Web Redemption. But what kind of Tosh.0 show would it be if Daniel didn’t make fun of every stereotype possible. Now I’m sure we’ve all heard of people bringing up all the negative stereotypes of EDM, whether it’s about underage girls at shows, DJs being professional iPod controllers, the overbearing presence of ‘Molly’ to name a few. Well Tosh nails every single one of them. In under 9 minutes. From the start it’s just a constant, yet comical, rip on EDM, and the way he portrays it and in the time he does it is quite hysterical.
In the words of Ron Burgandy: “I’m not even mad; that’s amazing.”

Check out the video below!