SFX Entertainment, the company who’s been buying up all sorts of different EDM events, companies and more, has announced that they will be offering 16.7 million shares priced between $11-$13 dollars per share. Back in June, SFX filed plans for an IPO estimated up to 175 million dollars and now, the entertainment company has filed a request to be listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the market symbol SFXE.

As the entertainment giant moves onto the global market, you can be sure SFX still has plenty more in store in terms of acquisitions and strategical acquirements. Already owning titles such as Tomorrowland and Sensation, SFX will continue to expand their reign and now you have the opportunity to buy shares and be a part of it too. Although details are still to be confirmed, it’s not too far fetched to say that SFX is becoming a major power player in the business side of the growing EDM industry.

Source: WSJ