In its current state, ‘music television’ is pretty much non-existent. Sure, the premise exists, but it accomplishes fairly little in the expansion of peoples interests. Stations run, ‘top 25’ this, and ‘top 50’ that, with few, if any networks stepping outside personal comfort zones. On the horizon though is Revolt TV, a network geared towards everything music, bringing the ‘best’ from all genres and real time interviews. The network is spearheaded by music guru Diddy, who recently released a video answering the reoccurring question, “What kind of music will Revolt TV play?”.

Diddy lists off a few genres, making sure to include ‘EDM’ during the public service announcement. Until October 21st we will have no idea how Revolt will bring the ‘best’ dance music or how often. But Diddy makes one statement in this particular video that gives hope for a successful station dedicated to real music.

“Ain’t no close mindedness with music”

Hopefully Revolt TV will be saturated with high quality dance music that doesn’t repeat itself for months at a time. As long as the network stays focused about music though, than whether or not your favorite sub-genre is played 24/7, is irrelevant. If it’s good music that opens peoples minds ands brings insightful information, than we should all feel very lucky.

source: Inthemix