Ever wondered what deadmau5, Knife Party, Pendulum and other big artists would look like in a comic book? Well so did Nanaga and that’s why the talented artist began creating a continuously updated story based on EDM artists called “The Other Side”. While there doesn’t appear to be much of a story linking each drawing, the artist depictions in and of themselves are rather impressive to say the least. From the character evolution based on albums released to Knife Party’s apparent love for cats, Nanaga does a good job at delivering quality renditions of some of our favorite artists.

Be sure to check out the full gallery here: Deviant Art

NOTE: If there are other artists that you know of that originally depict EDM producers, be sure to leave their gallery in the comment section.

playlist_5_by_nanaga-d678ejw longcat_skillz_by_nanaga-d65c8pk lazer_fire_by_nanaga-d67zfa5 playlist_4_by_nanaga-d5xbp9d playlist_3_by_nanaga-d5o1vn4 playlist_6_by_nanaga-d6n5ug5 kp_turnaround_by_nanaga-d506amo edm_arena__skin_pack_1_by_nanaga-d6jb0te edm_arena___halloween_skins_by_nanaga-d5kstjc