It’s easy to become jaded with the EDM scene. Let’s face it, there are a lot of bad artists out there and plenty of great ones who never get the success they deserve… but whatever. What’s new?

But it lifts my spirits when I see talent-less hacks make complete tools of themselves… and I get a sick feeling of schadenfreude when I see our more common EDM friends screw up.

The following videos feature some EDM namestays screwing up and some complete talentless hacks making tools of themselves. This may be pointless procrastination that achieves nothing but they sure deserve what’s coming to them, the bast*&^$.

Will.i.Am… DJ.He.Not

Like Don’t Stop Believing is for people who don’t like rock music and Take Five is for people who don’t like jazz, Will.I.Am has been producing for people who don’t like music in general for almost a decade now. In more recent years, he’s been trying to DJ as well. This video documents all the skill and talent that is so apparent in his music.

"Y'all kids need educating in the old skool. Have some MICHAEL JACKSON."

“Y’all kids need educating in the old skool. Have some MICHAEL JACKSON.”

It’s a hefty 12 minutes, but by God is it worth it. It’s a challenge picking the worst aspect about this video: The lame-ass, peaky crowd who couldn’t give a crap if the celeb plays on a floating platform is funny. The ridiculous lighting that even my old school discos would put to shame is funny. Will.I.Am’s horrible playlist and attempts to get the crowd riled up are funny.

His beatmatching skills, however, are not funny. Will.I.Am is in the house but he should never have left his home.

"... Wait until they hear Kings of Leon. That'll show them."

“… Wait until they hear Kings of Leon. That’ll show them.”

My Little Pony Convention 2013 ‘Highlights’

YouTube user Greg Larsen has undertaken the unpleasant task of sitting through a brony convention and picking out the highlights. By highlights of course, I mean the parts where the beta levels almost go off the charts, so far off that the video will give you bad braces, halitosis and acne all over again.


… What are you doing, son?

Yes it’s just a bunch of guys getting down and sharing the thing they love the most but holy crap is this funny. The shitty EDM music and dubstep, which sends the crowd into an absolute frenzy, is only exacerbated by some strange bleach-blonde weirdo who clearly is doing this for the first time ever (Actually, I think all of them are doing this for their first time.) The guitar solos, the singing, the bro-hooves… Holy Moly, every time I watch it I find something new. Watch out for the guy falling over and the guy in the green T-Shirt going absolutely nuts…

“Now I love you guys, I really do… but we’re having a bit of a liability issue with the glo-sticks… Y’all are throwing them and y’all are pegging little kids.” – A Brony

If you’re really hard core, however, you’ll watch the full thing and bask in glorious Pon3techtronica (Yes, I shit you not.)

God, just imagine the smell in there.

An average dubstep fan in his natural habitat.

An average dubstep fan in his natural habitat.

Tiesto Has An Accident

OK, now there are a lot of DJ fails on YouTube and quite a lot of them are similar to this, in that they feature a high profile DJ completely cutting off the sound by accident. But this one deserves a special mention.

Check it out. Everything is going great. The Dutch superstar floats out from behind the scenes rubbing his hands, pleased that everything is going to plan as per usual. He’s dancing, he casually plops his headphones on and stares blankly into the distance. The universe however, has bigger fish to fry.

This is gonna be worse than my heavily pixelated face

This is gonna be worse than my heavily pixelated face

What makes this video great is that it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. The beat skips and Tiesto moves faster than he’s ever moved in his life. Then just before the worst nightmare becomes a reality, he takes a quick glance to the heavens as if anything could save him now. What’s brilliant is how he starts pumping at the decks, looking like a angry man trying to get his car to start so he can get to work.

Oh great Dutch Dance God, why hath thou forsaketh me?

Cue thousands of angry jeering Russians and an excitable raver gibbering away in the background, thrilled at how the mighty do fall. But in all fairness to him, it’s not long until things are back and running.

Takes a lot more to put off that man.

Skrillex Drops The Bass… And Himself

Why can’t you take Skrillex fishing? Because he always drops the bass.

That joke may be as old as fans of the Dubstep Don himself but it leads us very nicely into this video, which shows just how committed Skrillex is to dropping gnarly beats.

My favorite part of the video is the brief context that the first few seconds provide. It’s a concert and it must be the end. Skrillex has just thanked all his fans and telling them they’re the best crowd to perform to. So he’s pumped, he’s psyched, he’s so happy to be in the profession he’s in.

He’s so pumped with adrenalin he turns 180 degrees and doesn’t give one flying f*ck about what he runs into during his flight of passion.

Dude, I'm gonna do it dude... WATCH THIS.

Dude, I’m gonna do it dude… WATCH THIS.

All together now… Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. That’s GOTTA hurt.

Thankfully, it turns out that he’s OK and only split his eyebrow. He loves it and is only too happy to show it off.



Fecking scene kids and their headbanging.

Steve Aoki Failed Stage Dive

It’s not what you think it is…

Usually stage dive fails involve a lackluster crowd who prove incapable of catching the turnt artist, however Steve Aoki proves that much more can go wrong in this epic fail at a small club show.

First of all, note how unsteady that DJ “booth” looks. Now watch as Aoki proceeds to knock over the table and accompanying CDJ’s effectively cutting the music. We recommend he sticks to cake throwing’s, as those can only go so wrong.