Along with the second annual Made In America Festival that rocked the streets of Philadelphia this past Labor Day weekend, a documentary covering mainly last year’s festivities premiered on Showtime. Ron Howard worked his magic behind the camera and even touched up on his DJ skills with the help of Skrillex as well as Jay Z playing a major role throughout the documentary. He actually expresses his thoughts on EDM at one point saying :

EDM, people are dismissing as a fad sort of like they did hip-hop, that I think is going to be a bit more sticky. I think it’s good music of the next generation, it’s their soundtrack, it’s their music they’re claiming as they own. They’ll buy hip hop and they’ll buy other music but they’re like “this music is ours.” Kid’s don’t want to listen to their dad’s music, they want to be on the cutting edge of something new, and I think this is something they can claim.

All of the support EDM has been acquiring over the past years makes it hard to believe there are still people out there who think this genre is fading out. Spread the faith!