Fans hoping for a Swedish House Mafia reunion may find themselves waiting for quite some time.  Inthemix recently caught up with Axwell to discuss his feelings about his solo career and the possibility of Swedish House Mafia’s return. From the sounds of it, a reunion is far from his mind.

“No, I don’t think so. It’s hard to say, but that’s how it is now – I mean, we just stopped… I haven’t really started to miss Swedish House Mafia yet, because it’s only been so short. But I’m sure if I had stopped everything then I think I’d be pretty devastated.”

The popular producer went on to explain that the experience, although fantastic, had been leaving them all a little exhausted. With each member of the group trying to pursue a solo career, it was time for Swedish House Mafia to get the boot.

“Getting to play your music to these huge-ass crowds… That’s superior to everything. You watch that on TV when you’re a kid, you see rock stars playing arenas and you think ‘wow, that’s so surreal, I wonder how that is?’ And that’s what we’ve been doing. But it’s been cool [going solo] – before we used to have four really stressful careers going on at the same time, and now it’s a little bit more relaxed. You actually have the time to catch up on yourself, whereas before we were just running after Swedish House Mafia, trying to please Swedish House Mafia.”

Although Swedish House Mafia will definitely be missed, all three members have been on fire with their solo careers since the split. If the decision to focus on their solo careers over the group gives each producer the space to continue crafting amazing music rather than burning out, it seems worth it to me.

Via: inthemix