Get ready to get funk nasty, Frenchman Gregori Klosman‘s groovy ‘Minibar‘ signature sound makes a fine tuned and fiery re-appearance in his brand new release, Funk It, out now for free on Fool’s Gold Clubhouse. I don’t know what France has in its water supply, but it’s apparently given the French an uncanny ability to make the world’s most funky beats. After hearing the premiere of Funk It on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show, I’m rather convinced that Klosman is some sort of French Funk Superman, who was probably born playing slap-bass and smoking a cigarette.

The funk is in full swing with this tune so start your morning off right and get wiggly with Funk It by the one, the only Gregori Klosman. As always check out the song below!


Gregori Klosman – Funk It (Original Mix) [Fool’s Gold Records]