“Remember, remember the 5th of November.”

And although, Guy Fawkes has yet to be confirmed as one of the members of Phuture Doom,  I certainly will remember this 5th of November as the day the ominous trio dropped their first mind bending LP.

Mysterious and genre-deyfing, just a year ago, Phuture Doom appeared out of the blue on OWSLA‘s Nest IV service with a remix of Birdy Nam Nam‘s ‘Defiant Order‘ which sounded unlike anything I had heard before. The energy was unparalleled and the breaks were seemingly unrelenting. Embodying a crazy blend of industrial, drum and bass as well as dubstep all in one song which made it nearly impossible to classify. Then came a remix of a rave classic by Dynamo City ‘One Night in Hackney‘ which further established Phuture Doom‘s cryptic and mysterious image and sound. This was followed up by their ‘Nightfall EP’ which featured the first four tracks from this LP, ‘La Grande Messe Noire’, ‘Burn The Knowledge’, ‘Black Acid Reign’ and ‘Hans Breaks’.

‘La Grande Messe Noire’ starts off the LP in a way that’s far from what you’d expect to hear. The use of gregorian chants create an eerie atmosphere that permeates not only the introductory track but the entire LP, and as soon as you’ve adjusted to the chanting, ‘Burn The Knowledge’ breaks this calm in a big way. Fusing black metal drums, guitar and acid techno influences, ‘Burn The Knowledge’ solidified Phuture Doom’s coined genre of black acid. This eventually transitions into ‘Black Acid Reign’ which continues the brutal sound Phuture Doom has created.

From ‘Hans Breaks’ the rest of the LP is brand new material from Phuture Doom which is easily as good as the preceding songs. ‘Mach 100’ is eerily reminiscent of a speeding car instantly accelerating to high speeds. The sheer intensity of this song is simply amazing.

‘Doom Terror Corps’ is another record that stood out from the rest of LP. Highlighting an old school rave and hardcore sound which is ultimately complimented by hype man The Ultimate MC‘s energy and enthusiasm.  As ‘Doom Terror Corps’ fades out, it transitions with more chanting into ‘Rites’ which features amazing drum work and the same ominous atmosphere that is found in the opening track.

The last few songs are ‘Phuneral Phuture’ which keeps the grimy and filthy sound going strong and is followed by ‘Exodus’ which immediately drew me in and kept my interest throughout.

When all is said and done, this LP is one rollercoaster ride you’ll want to get on again and again. Phuture Doom knocked it out of the park and created one of the most unique sounding LP’s I’ve heard all year.