The dynamic duo of Milo & Otis deliver an anthemic trap tune with their original “Love 2 Love U.” Now I have no idea why Miley Cyrus is in the artwork, because the vocal sample is not from her songs; no I’m not up-to-date on Miley’s tunes. I just know that it is from Donna Summers.
Another thing I know is trap music; and I do have to say the singular style this track exemplifies is very under-appreciated. If I had to state differences simply, it would be that this track focuses more on creating merit-able music, rather than party music. Of course, this has trapstyle elements and can be played in a party atmosphere, but when you listen you can see what I mean. “Love 2 Love U” is a great example of this duo’s versatile abilities and aptitude to think outside of the box when they are in the studio. This track is free so click the download button and enjoy!
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