Earlier today, WildSpice Magazine sat down with HARD Events co-founder Gary Richards to discuss the lack of female DJs at festivals. According to the article, only 8% of HARD Events performers from 2008-2013 have been female. When asked why so few women appear behind the DJ booth, Richards responded,

“I try my hardest to mix it up… I dunno why it ends up being more male-driven. But I think hopefully it changes. I would love to have 60 female DJs that are all awesome. To me, I always think everything’s better with girls…there’s tons of cool female artists, I wish there were more.”

The promoter then revealed an exciting plan to hold an all-female music festival sometime next year!

“I’ve been asked this question so many times that I feel like we need to develop it more. You know develop a brand or something…to give girls more of a chance. I have a concept for a show that’s all girl performers… It’s not a 70,000-person event. But I do see more females coming up and I’m definitely gonna do it 2014.”

According to Richards, the event will more likely take place at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Although it will take serious work, the promoter is more concerned with scheduling conflicts than ticket sales.

“I’m not worried about selling the tickets, it’s just getting them all at the same time…The problem is around here, these dudes they want me working on another festival with 70,000 people. This is just something really cool to do. I just do cool shit ‘cos i like to do it. Everybody wants me spending my time on something that’s gonna make money…To me it’s not even a money thing…The key to it is I’ve got to be able get them all in the same place at one time. The thing is I can’t pay them as much. See when it’s the festival you’re doing 60- 70,000 people, you can pay people more money. But this show will probably be at the Palladium, so if I want to get five or six girls from around the world, you know it’s gonna be tough to make it work.”

Read the full article here. What do you think about the concept of an all-female music festival? Share your thoughts below!