There are a selected amount of fashion-forward artists that intertwine their unique fashion with music, like Florence Welch or Lady Gaga. Now Little Boots, a.k.a. Victoria Heskeths, takes fashion to a whole new level by wearing a LED light up dress, better known as her ‘Cyber Cinderella’ dress that is simply astonishing.

Designer Michelle Wu states, ‘Fashion is the ultimate form of communication.’ With Michelle’s understanding of fashion, she helped make Victoria’s dream come true by creating this ‘Cyber Cinderella’ dress, which now allows her to communicate with more than just her music, but with fashion too.

This is not just a light up dress but rather a delicate and high tech dress that enhances with her body movement and overall level of her music, ultimately creating a jaw dropping and striking visual for the fans. She has worn her outfit throughout her tour this year, and will premier her electric Cinderella dress one last time at the Heaven club in London on November 28.

Watch behind the scenes video, done by The Creators Project of how Michelle Wu created Little Boots light up dress.