As part of the emerging new breed of Trance producers who are currently storming through the scene, Adam Ellis is quickly turning into a legendary producer and is quickly picking up all the tools that’s needed to solidify his sound for years to come. He is currently being groomed by the most talented producers in the scene and is frequently in close ties with Bryan Kearney, Indecent Noise and John O’Callaghan. As an artist who is striving to find the perfect Uplifting sound, his route is very similar to that of O’Callaghan and has arguably crafted the Trance track of 2013 with his astounding single of Napalm Poet, which struck number one on the Beatport Trance charts in true underdog fashion. Not to be swept away by fame, his personality is also quite humble, as he frequently assists upcoming musicians in raising their productions to the next level through coaching as well as assembling tutorials for all to see, which is an aspect that many producers are too afraid to do. On that same note, he is also one to produce many free tracks for the masses, as they come with the same frequency as his official releases. In concordance with KEARNAGE Recordings and their first ever ‘Freeloaded’ EP to kick off the brand new Reloaded sublabel, Bryan Kearney has finally released the heavily coveted Adam Ellis remix of his collaboration with Jamie Walker entitled We’ll Never Die. Full of twinkling, Uplifting Trance and ferocious Tech Trance sensibilities, Ellis thrusts us onto a rollercoaster between sanity and insanity.



Starting off nice and proper, an explosion of sound is quickly subdued through a nice implementation of filtering as a female exclaims the following: “I’m not the one you’re looking for. I’m harmful and vicious.” Ellis then throws us back into the fold with brutal conviction, as slamming basslines, body contact percussion, and squealing acidic lines burn lines throughout the listener’s consciousness. After a highly energetic and slightly deranged opening, it pairs down significantly, as the transition between Tech and Uplifting is accomplished with pin point accuracy. Low, somber choir provides the perfect backdrop as a flurry of various sounds and textures permeate the soundscape before a gorgeous piano line adds a depth of character and class to the mix. Flowing pads connect with luscious, grand Trance melodies in complete glory as the piano marks its return with a fantastic melody. However; unlike the original, Ellis takes a sharp right turn towards a steep cliff as the fluttering sounds rapidly transform to their demonic counterparts. As the energy reaches its fullest extent, the incoming crash is met head on with open wire currents of pure, psychotic basslines as he piles on the dirt with nothing but contaminated filth. However, he doesn’t shy away from Uplifting, as he brings back the wonderful melodies in full illumination as the twists and turns of We’ll Never Die finally reaches a bright and beaming finish.

Adam Ellis‘s remix to Bryan Kearney & Jamie Walker‘s collaboration, We’ll Never Die, is now available as a free download, so pick this up for your collection, Trance fans!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Ed Note: As a bonus, check out another one of Adam‘s freebies, as he remixes a release on Subculture with A&N Project’s single, Quest!