Within any genre of EDM, there are always those who are at the pinnacle of their game; visionary pioneers who are both ahead of the trends and are consistently changing the rules towards a brighter and more sustainable future. Within the confides of Trance, every unique subgenre has its share of core players, bottom feeders and those who consistently innovate to break away from the conventionality that Trance has been plagued with within its trying tests of survival. Many artists today are struggling to remain relevant in the scene by either selling out and riding the fame train towards an empty career or are banging out tracks on a very consistent basis to keep their names in radio shows, livesets and various promotions. The burden of the people is a hard one to bear, and as many artists are carrying the majority of its weight, one must be able to constantly both adapt and produce music that the people want. But many times, this leads to many Trance tracks that we hold dear to our hearts to become unfulfilled, uninspired and more than likely become lost within the constant stream of throwaway tracks that we have adapted within our DJ culture. DJ and producer, Arnej, put it quite nicely: “Music today has almost all but lost its value, with producers being “forced” to put out a single every month. This only adds to the problem. I remember the days when you could play a record for a full year and it was quite the norm, now people are quick to judge unless you have all the latest Beatport Top 10 tracks in your set. Let’s let the music be music.

However, in my experience, I always find that those who are not proving anything are those who really create pure magic within their own productions. Contrary to popular belief, there are a handful of producers who produce for the scene, but don’t really have a stake in the industry. Producers who only create tracks that they pour their heart and souls into and people who only want to spread the love of music towards an audience who needs to be shown that they don’t have to swallow the bare minimum that many are shoving down their throats. Both Andy Blueman and Soundlift are clear examples of when back in their heyday, they produced some of the most beautiful Trance that ever existed. Even though they have moved onto another chapter in their careers, the new breed is quickly emerging and a bright, beaming face who is leading the charge is none other than Trance maestro Kelly Andrew. A Classical pianist and composer by trade, Andrew uses his vast musical knowledge to craft absolute gold in the studio with his consistent Trance productions often putting many producers to shame in terms of musical depth and descriptive storytelling. He has only released two singles of Across The Sea and The Incursion, but both singles have been championed by Armin van Buuren extensively, alongside other key artists in the scene. With a brand new single entitled Beyond The Stars, Kelly takes us on a journey of astonishing proportions throughout the glorious pinnacles of pure, liberating Trance.



What makes each and every one of his tracks a masterpiece is his implementations of highly expressive Orchestral elements within his electronic pieces and it really heightens the emotional impact when the resulting release comes forth in blistering beauty. Beyond The Stars starts out with a burst of sunshine as rolling basslines collide with a wonderful array of little ostinatos that add a certain element of charm and polish towards the entire soundscape as a whole. As the basslines continue rolling through a heavenly choir of angel whispers becomes increasingly present with grand pads as it strikes deep within the confides of human nature. The emotional breakdown is where his talents soars above the rest, as a gorgeous piano line works in tandem with tender string pads and a fantastic cello section, that seems to organically grow into a harmonious and connecting network of luscious sounds and ideas. Focusing purely on the visions of creative brevity, the sounds add suspense, compassion, delicacy, radiance and rejuvenation; feelings that aren’t even touched by EDM musicians today. As the Orchestral sections reaches a close, an eager melody invigorates the senses as the combination of choir and Trance melodies are brought towards full fruition. The energy reaches a feverish high before exploding with a jubulent and incredibly passionate drop that cleanses the body and mind as its heartwarming melodies bring rapturous listeners to an emotional high of childlike wonder and unbridled exhilaration.

Kelly Andrew‘s single, Beyond The Stars, is now available on Abora Recordings, (who remain at the forefront of Uplifting Trance); via Beatport, so make sure you pick up this tour-de-force today. Make sure to check out both the Original and Orchestral versions, as each one of them has a completely different breakdown to fall in love with all over again!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/beyond-the-stars/1193861