Events are transpiring quickly for Deadmau5 who just two days ago announced he is launching a music subscription service. Without Twitter, Joel took to Reddit for a little informative Q&A to give fans a more solid understanding of what he is aiming for and when this will materialize. Since the announcement, he has been bombarded with messages so he felt the need to clarify a few things and get some ideas out on the public table.
The music subscription service will be as cheap as he can make possible while also giving the users as much content as he can. Not only musical productions, but pictures and live streams will be available. There will also be an app for the service; Joel is looking to have that freely downloadable. He is not willing to launch until everything is set and ready in a manner that he deems appropriate, which is no surprise since that is how he always rolls. The main problem the Mau5 is running into is the fact that publishers and labels are not backing artist-centered structures like this. However, it is safe to say this will happen though; Deadmau5‘s determination is evident. For the full Q&A a Reddit link is provided below.
Reddit Q&A
Initial Announcement Article