If you are hungry and looking for some energy, you’ll want to consume the Whiskey Biscuit EP cooked up by Drop Goblin for a YourEDM exclusive. The three track EP features two remixes from The Mechanist and Knooper. Due to the special exclusive occasion, YourEDM fans can purchase the EP for 20% off by using the discount code “YOUREDM“. This offer is available until tomorrow, December 2nd.
Drop Goblin starts off the release with his original title track that has strong rock n’ roll overtones. Not only does it have hard rock elements, but it also features country/old-school folk characteristics that make for an intriguing, and even funny, song. Everyone needs more drum n bass which is just what The Mechanist ordered up with his remix. The high-octane energy this packs will get everyone on their feet and losing it to the music. As if that track didn’t have enough energy, Knooper‘s remix is the previous track’s electro house twin brother. The organic percussion fit well with the four-to-the-floor beat and the bass heavy arrangement. The Whiskey Biscuit EP goes out with a huge bang from Knooper and caps off one of the most unusually satisfying music experiences you will get.
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