I have found that the further you delve yourself into any major genre of EDM, the more you find that that particular sound is actually a conglomeration of different styles which all loosely follow the rules to constitute it as Trance, Dubstep or House; (among others). People who tell you that genre classification is a pointless endeavor are both right and wrong, (at least in my opinion), because an artist’s true goal in music is to take what is familiar and put their own unique imprint on it; their specific interpretation of what the genre means to them. Due to the recent boom of Deep House throughout 2013, people assume that producers such as Disclosure, Flume and Doorly are the innovators that set the standard for the genre. However, there are other artists, such as Beckwith, Dosem and Martin Roth who completely negate that style in favor of a more low cut, melodic variation. Other musicians, such as Ewan Rill, Guy J and Marc Poppcke, shift their focus towards atmosphere and fluidity in their works. This week, I decided to pick a nice cut that was a little more on the sinister side to reveal another hidden side on the multifaceted jewel that is Deep House. A heavy favorite of the Italian underground Tech House scene, Pirupa‘s chunky, low cut basslines have infected the House scene, with big releases on Defected, Get Physical, Suara and even more well known labels such as Cr2 and Size Records. As part of his important 4 track EP on Kilimaks Records, his single of No No No is a tough track that continues to expand upon many musical boundaries.



Designed as a relaunch of the Kilimaks sound, they described this release as, “deep, but more techy, Techno and ‘trackey’.” And while many people distinguish Deep House with infectious blippy basslines and rougher, coarser sound design, (with the necessary, often pitched down vocals), Pirupa offers a more sophisticated and groove laden approach with a clash between highly technical percussion and highly delicious basslines. The basslines themselves are heavily influenced in the rumbles and crevices of Techno and its execution in combining bullying chord structures with the pared down mood is quite the interesting combination in controlling the track’s energy and pacing. No No No seems to have an incredulous amount of genre influences incorporated in its parts, yet it still stays decidedly deep while keeping a tight lid on peaks and lows. This track is a straight chugger and its purpose is to consistently produce dark, malicious beats to keep the flow of the rhythm and music nice and clear. What truly makes this track highly distinguishable are the flitting vocals of a highly angry, (and slightly psychotic), wife, who is telling off her husband for not only cheating on her, but also packing up everything and leave along with the kids. The brooding, surly nature of the track may symbolize the feelings of the woman, whose heart is split into two and whose strongheaded traits makes her a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Pirupa‘s single, No No No, is now available on Kilimaks Records via Beatport, so make sure you grab this sinister release today. Make sure to check out the rest of the EP as well! Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions as we discover a recently made track that has been blowing expectations across the board. And in the niche genre of Chillstep, no less!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/k002/1104970


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