2013 was a golden year for technology and to little surprise, the music industry felt its wake as a plethora of innovative products hit the concept stage this year. From new midi controllers to visual arts, technology had a huge roll in revolutionizing music for not only 2013, but for the years to come. Without further ado, lets jump into some of our favorites of the year:

1. Mindtunes

Taking the number 1 spot this year is a collaborative project between DJ Fresh and Smirnoff called Mindtunes. Using the power of the mind, The Mindtunes Project uses an ElectroEncephaloGraphy device to measure the electrical activity of the brain and then translate the activity into music. (Read more HERE)


2. DJ Touch Touch Controller Software

For those who follow Deadmau5 noticed this year he took several trips to Seattle, WA to meet at Mircosoft’s headquarters to work on new technology to revolutionize the modern DJ controllers. The DJ touch controller is a pad like interface that steers away from the traditional knobs and faders, and is instead focuses on touch sensitive hardware. Expect early models to be surfacing in 2014. (Read more HERE)


3. 360-Degree Interactive Video

Unveiled by XS Las Vegas, 360-degree video technology allows for you to click and change the angle of the camera, straight from the video. Instead of sitting back and watching a 4 minute edited montage, now you can interact directly with any aspect of the video. (Read more HERE)


4. Seaboard GRAND

The Seaboard is a radically new musical instrument that reimagines the piano keyboard as a soft, continuous surface. The Seaboard’s polyphonic pitch bend, vibrato and per-note dynamic changes are all available at your fingertips, marrying the intuitiveness of a traditional instrument with the versatility of digital technology. (Read More HERE)


5. Turntables Made Out Of Paper

Kate Stone is a physicist that has a passion for paper, and technology. She recently did a lecture in which she demonstrated a DJ controller she created that is made of paper. The paper wirelessly links to her iPad which is running the DJ software. The demonstration starts around 9 minutes into the video. (Read more HERE)


What are some of your favorite tech advancements from 2013? Let us know below!