If there was a list compiled of the who’s who of deep house in 2013, Purple Disco Machine would grace that shortlist. Designing some of the funkiest deep this past year, they have become a powerhouse for Off Recordings. Their Jim Jones sampling record “My House” blew up on the Beatport Top Ten as well as the Move or Not EP making waves this past September. Their latest two track EP, the Funk EP, will likely replicate the success of Move or Not EP and keep them relevant and fresh well into 2014. “Funk” utilizes a live bass pluck alongside an easily danceable break, a well known theme across Purple Disco Machine‘s tracks. The flipside “Magic Moll” is nothing short of a catchy, classic piano driven track. Purple Disco Machine filters the lead during the breakdowns until bringing it back to the fully fledged sound, just enough of a change to keep “Magic Moll” from boring complacency. Catch the Funk EP here, exclusively on Beatport.